Frequently Asked Questions

What are the current options for managing patients with Cold Agglutinin Disease?

Currently, there are no FDA-approved treatments for patients with Cold Agglutinin Disease.1

CAD is currently managed by the following approaches2:

  • Cold avoidance*
  • Crisis intervention; transfusions and/or plasmapheresis, which are often required to stabilize patients with severe anemia
  • Pharmacotherapy
CAD=Cold Agglutinin Disease.

*Avoid triggering temperatures to relieve symptoms.

Pharmacotherapies have been used based on evidence of efficacy from limited clinical studies and single- or pooled-case reports.

References: 1. Mullins M, Jiang X, Bylsma LC, et al. Cold agglutinin disease burden: a longitudinal analysis of anemia, medications, transfusions, and health care utilization. Blood Adv. 2017;1(13):839-848. 2. Berentsen S, Tjønnfjord GE. Diagnosis and treatment of cold agglutinin mediated autoimmune hemolytic anemia. Blood Rev. 2012;26(3):107-115.