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Is Cold Agglutinin Disease triggered by cold weather?

While data show that levels such as hemoglobin differ from season to season,* the burden of hospitalization and transfusion is consistent in CAD, regardless of season.1

Data from a retrospective review of a claims database (n=808).

*The median minimum Hb value for winter compared with summer was decreased by 0.54 g/dL (P<0.001). The median maximum bilirubin and LDH increased by 0.12 mg/dL (P=0.005) and 42.1 U/L (P<0.001), respectively, in winter vs summer.

CAD=Cold Agglutinin Disease; Hb=hemoglobin; LDH=lactate dehydrogenase.
Reference: 1. Röth A, Fryzek J, Jiang X, Reichert H, Morales J, Broome CM. Seasonal patterns of anemia, hemolytic markers, healthcare resource utilization, and thromboembolic events in cold agglutinin disease. Presentation at: German Society for Hematology and Medical Oncology; Berlin, Germany; October 11-14, 2019.