Frequently Asked Questions

How do I diagnose Cold Agglutinin Disease?

Cold Agglutinin Disease (CAD) is a rare and serious autoimmune hemolytic condition with systemic acute and chronic consequences.1-3 Because of the risks patients with CAD face, it's important to understand how to accurately diagnose CAD.

Diagnosis of CAD requires both a positive direct antiglobulin test (DAT) and detectable presence of IgM autoantibodies.4,5

  • If CAD is suspected based on initial anemia presentation, first confirm hemolysis is present via bilirubin and LDH blood tests
  • Then confirm polyspecific DAT and monospecific DAT for C3d
  • Perform a full clinical assessment to rule out possible alternative causes for hemolytic anemia and positive DAT
  • Next, confirm that Cold Agglutinin Titer is above or equal to 1:64
  • Evaluate with further clinical and serological assessments to confirm diagnosis of CAD
  • To distinguish between CAD and CAS, confirm presence of infection or overt malignancy
  • If no infection or overt malignancy, diagnose with CAD
  • If overt malignancy is present, diagnose with CAS
  • If febrile infection is present, determine if onset of anemia occurred before infection. If so, then diagnose with CAD; if not, diagnose with CAS

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CAD=Cold Agglutinin Disease; CAS=cold agglutinin syndrome; DAT=direct antiglobulin test; IgM=immunoglobulin M; LDH=lactate dehydrogenase.
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